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Zombs Royale | Buying the New Season 10 Battlepass!

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I like this Season!
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You can download ZombsRoyale here for iOS or Android:

Julius Dreisig & Zeus X Crona – Invisible
whogaux – i dont care [NCS Release]


  1. You got a free Scoped M4 and a free draganof

  2. First and I have battle pass my user TBCzillar

  3. I love u and i always try ur strats keep it up and you r the best

  4. What Was Ur Favorite Item From All Of This?

  5. Typical Zombsroyale Pro:
    1. Spinning Around To Look Cool
    2. Jumps Emideietly To Get All The Kills He Can
    3. Try's To Find Shields
    4. Keep Spinning😂
    5. Makes People Salty Bye Using Ghost Emote
    6. Wins

  6. Nice video 😀
    I will buy the next battle pass 😛

  7. season 10 amazing it's good not bad or normal it's awesome

  8. way don't you make smg challenge only please

  9. Next vid can you open a beach chest and independence chests?

  10. it’s AK|Icey
    why u buy battle pass i was going to buy for u?

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