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Zombs Royale – Buying the Season 9 Battlepass

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  1. Lol used Niviro-Flashes in my last Zombs Royale video (playing with LionelAvilaYT)

  2. I’m not going to buy the battle pass, I personally don’t like it much

  3. Your over here dropping 20 kills, and I upload a video and get hyped for 13 kills

  4. GG BRO sei dir gegönnt
    Can you make video with sub/subs again please 🙂

  5. I hate the battle pass. Season 8 was wayy better.

  6. If you ever respond, is there a new area in the map yet??

  7. i need more friend!!! who add me i am not pro but i am

  8. Can I get a shout out or be able to be in a vid? Please?!?! HiFam#4956

  9. I actually met u on the game when i was playing it and i also subscribed to ur channel:)

  10. hey can u do shotgun only challenge??

  11. I bought the battlepass an it was kind worth it 🔥

  12. @ZombsGaming there is someone posing as you in Zombs Royale with the user name ATZOMBSGAMING who is teaming in Solo matches in the Super Powers Mode.

  13. on zombs royale they should do a tournament if u have at least 100 wins and play against people around the world and whoever win each match they win 100 gems

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