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Zombs Royale Challenge | Crossbow VS Squads!

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  1. i have done rifle only challenge and no weapon challenge also please add me friend

  2. is [VG] JesusLovesU a real vanguard member or fake cause i just died by him/her.

  3. Big L but nice content.
    Check out my channel please🥺

  4. What amount of shield do u think is a good limit to stop shielding and save the rest for later?

  5. i did legendary only and fists only friend me i’m in a clan called [CC] and these are the members: Oblivion, m, DefaultTroll, alpha, cristianmessi, POTATO MAN, JAIME123, and GoJ. cc stands for cool clan lol we play in class xd

  6. that snipe technically shouldnt have even hit u lol

  7. I like how you still get more kills then me

  8. Love how you made it impossible possible like sniper guy vs AR guy

  9. I don't understand why ur aim is so good with the cross bow

  10. me after watching the first part " i used A grenade" mhm

  11. For people who hate snipers, this is why it’s mythic

  12. It's okay if you used grenades cuz I think it's better this way

  13. Just Some Guy With A Drip Glass And No Mustache says:

    U got more kills than my record which sucks it's 12 and u got 13 kills WITH A CROSS BOW dude u would be the #1 player in zombs royale. 13 kills with a crossbow wow, BRILLIANT!.

  14. He is so lucky, he got it first try. unless he just did the first gun he gets challenge but called it crossbow challenge.

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