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Zombs Royale COOL CLIPS (Part 3!)

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zombs royale but it’s full of gameplay and clips. some zr cool clips

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  1. Which lvl are you pattt can you pls Carry me im only at 96

  2. it’s so satisfying dying at the same time with the last player but winning the game

  3. I mean I knew you were good but you are like really good nice video

    ps you also seem like a nice guy

  4. Yo pat im sry that was real dB noob my bad :-:

  5. So sry I couldn't come for the primer cuz Indian time it was 4

  6. Great video! Just wished there was a bloopers section, cuz I clipped you and hoped it could get into a video, but I guess not.

  7. Can I join sn? Plsssssssss or no I have 1000 wins

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