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Zombs Royale | Crazy Wins And Fails 50 vs 50 #3

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  1. If u wanted to be with chosen and me my id is darrellverse

  2. Has if i killed u i can freind u anyways

  3. Beekeper is not a good app

  4. I think that it can easily be admitted by everyone… Samaju is in the top few BEST players in ZR EVER. I started my own channel after watching his videos, but I have not reached the success that he has. Please help me out guys.

  5. Thanks for another 50v50 video👍👍👍👍

  6. ehh samaju is ok… lol he is better then chosen, top, blump, spirit, viper, melhi, leadbraw, PPSlayer, caboose, unlegendarynoob, sportgamer, and a few more hundred players!

  7. ILOV YOU SAMAju bro bro bro bro bro bro bro bro ilov you

  8. i dont care if he wins or fails hes still the best

  9. 5:03 the shooting and switching guns match the beat of the music! XD

  10. Bruh –__________________

  11. 5:50 he said im on your team when you guys were recording, omg that was so funny for some reason

    6:48 kids don't look at that

  12. What is the name of the song in the background for the first game?

  13. Can u stop opening the map every 5 seconds. SOO FCKN ANNOYING BRO. Like what are you gonna see there?

  14. I like how everyone is following him asking questions

  15. im good not on moble 🙁 im on moble cas i have glitch with not moble ":(

  16. how u put leters on the screen i just started a chanle

  17. It's neither he's just so good or the enemy is just so bad…

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