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Zombs Royale – CS Finals S5

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ZCC Season 5 Clan Squad Finals!

FATHOM : Boxelder, K7, Caboose, Turkey, Flowey, Interceptor
Vanguard: ZedBC, Samaju, Seijo, Zucc, Boom, JAY

– FATHOM and Vanguard face off in an epic finals series for the Season 5 Clan Squad tournament.

Watch two of the toughest teams in the ZCC go head to head!

– Congratulations to both teams and good luck in Season 6!

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ZCC Donors:
– CHEZ | Trashzzzzz (Elite)


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– ZCC:
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*Editing: Interceptor (link to channel above)
*Thumbnail: Cubic


  1. GG to both teams, sadly I couldn't participate, but the matches were fun to watch!


  3. I played with Caboose yesterday lol he said he wasn't streaming at the moment

  4. Is there a zombie royals World Cup like fortnite
    Edit: Soz auto-correct zombs royale

  5. can somebody plz explain how these tournaments work if you cant choose whose in the game like how are they going against each othere

  6. why is it always vg and fthm why can't it be other teams

  7. im a vg
    vg i the best
    i prefer it to any other clans

  8. SO many Ammo,Give me Ammo

    By Clan S/Kamikaze

  9. Go fathommmm k7 is the best well vg choosen and samagu are better but meh gooooo fathomm

  10. Noooo why vg is that good let some other team win xd

  11. not even 75 seconds in and theres a fake instinct lul

  12. It's really enjoyable to watch Caboose playing. GG both teams

  13. When has the cs finials not been VG and Fathom?? XD

  14. I like that there is commentary, I also like how Caboose barely talked unless he has an idea. xD

  15. Did anyone else think this was funny when that guy got flung across the lake. 7:45. Loke if you agree👍😅

  16. Je suis français et je joue a zombs royale est ce que s'est possible que j'integre votre team 😂 je joue depuis 2ans

  17. Why is zombs royale not making separate events for competitive events like this one.
    Yang obviously needs more respect for these pros. How could you have this event in a normal lobby where all the noobs are at.

  18. Can i play with you my name is Antoni503#5401

  19. Your good like me but i never miss my snips i have 996 win you probably have more GG

  20. I'm sorry if this sounds biased, but Interceptor is always picked for the main team and frankly in my opinion he is not that good

  21. Yo guys this is great also does anyone wanna colab with me

  22. JOIN FURIOUS CLAN [ZombsRoyale] now! In discord for free no requirments needed!

  23. Nobody :
    Interceptor : operation shoot at everybody including my teamates

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