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Zombs Royale – Destroying Teams In Zombies Mode

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Hi guys, bringing you all a Zombie Mode gameplay video. Watch me destroy teams with no team. Spent quite some time editing this ZR video, but again I struggle at making the thumbnails, anyways hope you all enjoy it. Drop a like and subscribe for more Zombs Royale videos. I upload 2 to 3 Zombs Royale.io videos every week.

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  1. dude ur insane Can you pls add me
    That would be my dream
    I'm ur no1 fan
    My tag is Josephisurmom#1416

  2. Dude I think I killed u in ur 1v1 with blast.
    ur name was Youtube | Apexftw

  3. I love u Apexftw your the best :0

  4. Hey dude it's me Sapro played with u u changed ne as fortune orb u invited me
    First my pc ded so I can't play with u 😭😭

    Sry bro btw I can able to watch u r videos 😉😎

    Fan of apex

  5. how long ago did u add this bro
    i forget umm yo can add me plzzzzz

    hi#4364 i asked my dude AJTHEBOLT but he wanted to livestream so hes not gonna do it rn so can u plz

  6. Could you help me out dude, i'm trying to start a yt on ZombsRoyale and could use some tips.

  7. Wow, you're amazin' at zombs. I would die in the first 2 mins if i were u

  8. 54 player lobby ಠ_ಠ ? love your videos btw

  9. Imagine playing with 20ms I play with 100ms yikes

  10. Apex listen my questions is
    1.did u play duo?

    2.did u saw the pink heart and bit of black

    3.did u saw a name Kitty:) if u saw it its me!

    if yes that means i saw u because i saw ur name and ur skin it was the same and that means U KILL ME!

  11. The best place in zombie mode is to go to ice

  12. You make zombies mode seems so much more fun👍🔥

  13. The zombie is slow on the ice and they are fast if they are on the land

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