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Zombs Royale – Destroying Teams Montage

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I thought trickshots were too easy and overused, so why not make a try hard montage about destroying teams in solo squads? and of course, something special for 5000 subscribers!

Music credits: Catas _ Kasger – Blueshift [NCS Release]
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  1. Do a face reveal on 10k and Im your biggest fan

  2. I could never flick that fast and still hit my shots

  3. Hey since you haven't uploaded I got an idea for you why don't you act like a not from the beginning but then go beast mode I'm giving leadbraw same thing

  4. It's too ez on computer.. also like all your fans that never try mobile (fuckers)

  5. Chosen its me from standoff 2 I typed yg chosen and it said no results found I think this is you.

  6. D O N O T I R E P E A T D O N O T G I V E C H O S E N A S N I P E R

  7. People: Why are u doin’ this Chosen?

    Chosen: For many likes.

  8. If you want to play again with me my name is YouAreNoob

  9. I wasnt first
    I wasnt last
    But when i see chosen
    i run the other way fast

  10. today i was playing 50v50 and NO JOKE CHOSEN HAD JOINED MY SIDE.i was gonna ask him to put me on youtube and stuff but i died before i could…………………..

  11. {VG} – – – – – — – – — – – – — – – – ╾━デ╦︻(▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)╤ —–> me

  12. whos waching this in 2020 like this comet if you are

  13. can i join your clan? plz answerrr

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