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Zombs royale | Devill mode on

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  1. Do u have samaju zombs account? If yes u can also use samaju skins

  2. Oh man I used to watch this dude every day lol ur the goat

  3. I’ve missed this a lot, hopefully you can save this game

  4. Me alegro que hayas vuelto, todos te echábamos de menos, muchos se habían retirado del mundo de Zr, muchas leyendas que nunca volverán, el otro día ví una notificación suya y fue un momento muy feliz y glorioso.
    Welcome back!!!!

  5. i still don't know if he's doing a new series acting like a noob then becoming a god or he just lost all his skill 😭😭

  6. Welcome back Samaju! BTW what's wrong with the game's resolution. haha

  7. typo in the title and the video is still distorted

  8. Bro the way he is playing is making me cringe so hard

  9. jajaja ya no juego a esto pero si es de samaju hay q verlo

  10. Why don’t you use your signature skin combo with the royal ruby cobra

  11. your back =)🥲🥲🤧🤧🤧😝😝😝😝🤟🤟

  12. You improved a lot since last video, Congratulations

  13. so so but you can be better feature

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