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Zombs Royale | DOUBLE Deagle And Semi-Auto OP In SUPERPOWERS

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  1. Ok, how the heck are you so good?? Wow. I'm impressed and a bit jealous 😀

  2. Only clicked on this video because I played with double deagle last time superpowers where out and they were op.

  3. AAYYTTT, I did the same challenge, double deagle is vry op cuz it shoots fast and it does much damage. Ur my example. F

  4. Hey samaju, I made a video about the deagle being OP. The next few days and I see this. 😀

  5. Impossible challenge: super powers with out taking powers

  6. If you now ornare him ik ben het jelano

  7. When u gonna do another BP giveaway

    Sorry I'm very desperate for one😂

  8. SamajuGames Do A 1Vs1 With Troopie Well I Know He Is Gonna Die But He Will Try To kill You I Thinck But You Are Pro Then Him But If He Kills You 10 Times He Will Win If Kill Him Ten Times You Will Won Ok Take And Deagle Is Epic

  9. I agree that combo is insane not just if it’s u using it

  10. why tf do u never answer my dms your weird your not a celebrity

  11. All yhe ogs like samaju sn noob unlegendary and. Chosen should do a tournament and youtube it

  12. I have been a subscruber for over 1 and 1/2 years. I love your videos!

  13. למה אתה לא אוסה עוד סרטונים

  14. Yo, you missed the semi-auto in mystic, before you went through the portal. Otherwise, the video was great, the deagle combo was amazing!

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