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Zombs Royale | Duo With Chosen In ZCL

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  1. ZCL games event have a lot of competition and the best players in ZR!

  2. Fan: Is that Samaju?

    Samaju: No, its nitro wheel skin

  3. Im friend whith Sirius M and Emanuelclasher so pls play whth me Boii#9767 or dxpedro#6666

    PS! Im a big fan to you and Chosen!

  4. You are like an alien that plays zombs royale so good

  5. [VG] SAMAJU if you see this message I am already now search during 2hours in the game

  6. Samanju ch3ck out annihilation hes pretty good and he started a utube channel

  7. You and Chosen are the best ZR Players pf the World.

  8. I annoyed bout all the Samaju fakers who doesnt even know how to play

  9. I'm trying to join a clan, any ideas for a good first clan?

  10. I killed you one Time in Superpower :3
    (i am Pun I N I i$h)

  11. ya i know when will they add a officail samju skin

  12. Samaju, chosen and unlegendarynoob magic squad

  13. Samaju and Chosen are just too OP. I can't even
    Also, when can we see Chosen vs. Samaju? Just want to see 🙂

  14. mmmm, Chosen+Samaju, MORE THAN IMPOSSIBLE 2 KILL THEM

  15. samaju and chosen dynamic duo
    love u samaju (no homo) 🙂

  16. samaju and chosen are both unstoppable

    im not hella joking

  17. hi very good! how do you get into zcl? 🙂

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