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Zombs Royale – Easy 18 Kill Win with OP Assault Scar in Superpowermode

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  1. The assault scar+ full bullet speed + power = god
    Try full power with a Mini gun it’s op

  2. I dare you to

    – Solo
    – Pinata/Llama only
    – Can't open any type of loot crate
    – Can't take loot from dead enemies.
    – Can't take loot scatered in the ground
    – Can't use hammer/airdrop
    – No ammo chests, stealing ammo and guns from other people will result in a challenge fail.
    – No Snowballs
    – Use any type of utility from pinatas

    Do it and I'll consider subscribing

    Also this challenge is really hard took me 59 attempts. Good luck mate.

    (Can use fists to break pinatas)
    You're basically the god amongst Gods by completing this challenge. I've done it. You can too.

  3. No weapons challenge please 😁😎😂🤣😉👍

  4. I killed u today at bomber base I was Chewbacca or noob I forgot but I killed u sorry gg
    My name is GetClapped

  5. In 50v50 I pretended to be a bot and sniped 3 people randomly.

  6. If you like zombs royale go sub to ccking07 gaming

  7. Guys can I plleeaaassee get some likes on this comment I never get likes

  8. I’m pretty sure I watched you get 2nd in a game like 10 minutes ago

  9. I lied I am zombsgaming and giving you subs

  10. purple ak and a lot of super powers are godly.

  11. mg36 and assault scar is the most op combo it shreds through people

  12. Hey bro you wanna play i have 500+ wins im a og add me Janamom#8391 im in your discord my name is GMX | Janakan

  13. Wht dint hw pick up the mythical asaltrifle

  14. Even if I was on PC u would still reck me lol and if u were on phone

  15. Imagine p90 spamming for half the game and carrying 8 hybrids

  16. Never ever take 2 stacks of heal in suoerpower mode better will be 1 stack and grey weapon than 2 stucks of healing

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