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Zombs Royale Edit 8 | LegendaryJun

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I present to you my 8th ZR edit AKA this year’s Christmas special. Hope you guys enjoy as I spent a good amount of time on this one.

Song: Blame (Tim Gunter Remix)

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Thanks for Reading the Description, Have a Good Day! 😀


  1. holy, goated, this montage alone got me back into zr

  2. Do you remember me today I told you in zombs u yt 😉 and am editer anime
    Nice edit 👑🔥

  3. Sick clips but wouldnt really call this an edit

  4. R u actually in sn? And when is ramdonooby gonna post or did he quit youtube

  5. when is nooby coming back, also nice video man good to see u are back

  6. are u real sn? if u are, then how did u get in?

  7. this would have been RELEVANT IN 2018 QUIT FOR VAL

  8. Epic edit bruv!
    u r edits are always unique
    loved it 😀

  9. guys randomnooby not ded he just stopped postin vids..jun tell random nooby to come

  10. NICE this good!!!! P.S i miss juice 🙁

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