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Zombs Royale – Fastest Game EVER ( World Record )

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If its not a World Record tell me a dude who got it faster and recorded it and won!
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  1. It not thou i just plaued a game and got a victory and it was 3.54

  2. Does anyone know how to get the FPS thing in the top left on the screen to pop up for pc someone said f7 and idk what it means??

  3. Not even close to a world record. Me and my friends had free time at school, we played on Asia servers and got 2 minutes 50 seconds and got a win.

  4. Plz sub to my channel I’m just starting out :3

    Or at least just take a look

  5. Wow you are so good like if you agree

  6. This actually should be a world record!!💖👍😘💖💖

  7. never mind,i know you is biggest pro of the world <3

  8. what are you doing why you keep droping the wepons you get but you only capt the ak47

  9. this shouldnt get world record for the fastest win, it should get world record for the noobiest server

  10. Why didn't you trade the epic Ak for the rare Ak?

  11. Why didnt you upgrade your guns…Well never know….

  12. No I’ve got a faster time of 3 mins and 47 sec

  13. I just question why u don’t chose the purple ak over the blue


  15. My shortest game is 2 mins its because on the second circle there is only 3-10 players left

  16. I have a 4:20 win xd I took a screenshot because it was funny but now realize it's world record xddd

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