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Zombs Royale | Finally Unlocked all Refer Rewards!

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You can download ZombsRoyale here for iOS or Android:

Elektromania – Summersong
whogaux – i dont care
T-Mass – ignoring my heart


  1. Hey I recognise this skin from somewhere Idk though?

  2. They did all that for they game… or did they?

  3. My bad for killing u in super power mode I'm afk3497#3497 sry😭

  4. I will have this skin too but its didnt work 😭

  5. You should do a locker video where you show all your coSmetics

  6. Can u show us how u got it cuz I tried it and didn’t work

  7. Nice video ;D
    I have only 4 of them D: !
    Btw I like more sword than hammer >:]

  8. samaju killt you in his vid:D his most pro 1

  9. I love ur vids btw why are u so good 😂😂

  10. Hey spirit. I searched up this vid cause i need help. I refered my friend using the referall link but after he logged in, I still didnt get the reward. I hope you can help me.

  11. How did he get everythin? He shows the skins but not how

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