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Zombs Royale – Finding the new Xbow!

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  1. I got it earlier, it’s like the crossbow but faster shooting

  2. GG (You sound the name of SPA | Huxsby # 23 ??? )

  3. Yoo this channel is almost at ten thousand cannot wait. Everybody subscribe so he can hit ten thousand!!!! Keep up the good work 😁

  4. I saw u and I said team
    But it was a different game and u killed I didn't know if it was actually u but the skin matched this vid

  5. Ive found all new weapons ZombsGaming, they are fantastic.

  6. I’m so mad they took celestial out -.- NOT COOL

  7. Hey zombs gaming it is MF | Waffle here and I think we have killed each other in a game… Anyways if u want to add me it is XXWafflez#4658

  8. If you do voice reveal,You Video’s will be better

  9. i am BlackGabri#5624 add me and i playng with you ok guis

  10. I killed At zombs gaming with catus bombs ask him it say killed by King Reshad with catus bombs

  11. {VG}Woaclipz and {VG}Lilcholo102 killed you

  12. Hey guys im from season 1 add me FTHMSinister#1592

  13. Puts it in the title, can't use it because he is stupid..

  14. to be honest xbow is my favourite weapon because it just feels so good

    and if you can use it properly the results can be deadly like the time I used it with the trident

  15. finally you used my favourite background music again (second one he used)

  16. Why are you playing on mobile?

    Can I Play with you Im a very good Player and I have season 1 Skins

  17. I wouldnt say it's to powerfull but ok btw could we play tougether once?? Lx10#4672 . But i play on labtop just saying cuz maybe we couldnt play if im on a diferent device.

  18. TBH I used to be able at mobile

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