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Zombs Royale – Getting into the top 50 Solo Leaderboard!

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  1. Gosh im not even in top 2882828929
    Or Maybe…

  2. Gg man bro add me you killed me a few games ago my name was Shahzaman08

  3. Yesterday I was playing then i went to leader board then next thing you know you made a video about it nice though keep going up

  4. I love GEAZombsGaming❤❤❤ my name is zombs royale ZombsGaming#7112

  5. Niceeeee best player on the world

    Can you subscribe me pls?

  6. Everybody make sure to subscribe to zombs gaming-best zombs Royale player

  7. Didn't our clan change to monster?
    And also congrats

  8. ZG you was yesterday in my round at Space Base you killed me with the AWP Snipee

  9. and another NCS song, gg for making it in the #50 Solos.

  10. Zombs gaming you know your not on top 50 your 48

  11. Can u pls play with noob#8220 he's super pro (it's not me)

  12. Hgw xD lg Marc schreib mir wieder auf Dc 👏💪

  13. Can u please play with me my name is ZombsRoyaleBaby

  14. Congrats Bro! I wish I was at least in top 1,000 😂

    Add me THEGAS#7573

  15. Gea I was in your game super power mode lol I was INFAMOUS CHO



  17. Who is itchy he #1 in solos and nobody knows him

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