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Zombs Royale | Goo Gun Only Solo VS Squads

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  1. when samaju records a video = all bots ez win

    when i play = all sweats jesus christ

  2. BTW Samaju I'ma join the channel thing I mean it's only 2$ or more idk but I'ma join tomorrow

  3. at this point i think samaju is just posting videos to flex on us

  4. I love the last kill (grenade himself through wall and killing that dude)

  5. Goo guns only mean, no healing and no grenerd and stuuf

  6. U killed me in this game
    I felt ashamed to be killed by a goo gun, but happy to be killed by Samaju

  7. 1:10 this man has like 11 people knocked and trapped in a house. This man.

  8. Samju you kill me about every matc i am Erkki-Pertti. Id:SuperEmpeez

  9. That thing he did with the grenade at the end was mad smart

  10. Am I the only one who knew he was gonna use the nade?

  11. My 4 year old bro going "Wow hes way better than you! He's the best ever!" Me: thanks your so supportive. Lol

  12. 5:50 i like how he used the grenade to launch himself out, lmfao, i've done that a couple times when i had got cornered and needed to get out.

  13. I like how he used the frang to impulse

  14. he used the grenade when he didn't have impulses. dats smart

  15. He is deadly with any type of gun!(Even with his fists[samaju the boxer] so he is op)

  16. how he is so good in these guns dude i wish i was as good as him

  17. Samaju was noob but now he is pro

  18. Goo gun challange is very fun samaju is very pro.

  19. la mejor temporada y lo mejor apareci en tu programa pero me mataste soy el tipo con cara de demonio azul

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