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Zombs Royale – Grenades Only Challenge…

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This was hard. but the hardest part was actually trying to find grenades ._.

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  1. One shot guns only challenge (shotguns, RPGs, snipers…)
    No shield challenge (not allowed to use potions)
    Unique guns only challenge (rubber gun, goo gun, flamethrower, trident, gift launcher, grenade launcher…) No grenades
    No ammo challenge (If you have ammo, drop it) You can use trident, nades, impulses, healing, shurikens …
    Dropped weapons only (the ones that are from killed players or just randomly on the ground)

  2. GOD DAMN WHY don't PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THAT YOU CAN HOLD 2 med lits in 1 slot

  3. you can choose what you like

    1.only airdrop?
    2.only short gun?

  4. I’ve tried this challenge it’s super hard but you make it look easy

  5. Like this if you think celestial should be back in the game

  6. you are so good but you are not in the top 50 and am suprised :/

  7. chosen i think you should do a trident only challage

  8. Me screaming at my monitor when he didn't pick up the grenade launcher cause I'm illiterate
    THEN IN THE NEXT GAME HE PICKS IT UP AND I AM SO HAPPY for no reason of course

  9. RIP Infantry, snowy lucky lake,celestial, and haunted

  10. Dude you should be able to use the gernade launcher

  11. 0:19 when you can't take the assault scar 😫😫😭😭😭😭😂😂😂

  12. Is it possible to win one match with a grenade only? For me yes.

  13. chosen im ur biggest big fan

  14. Hmmmm , more like 3 mins of trolling

  15. Why didn’t u use grenade launcher I mean it does summon grenades right?

  16. 1:50
    When he threw the smoke Grenades I thought he killed somebody I was like 🧐

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