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Zombs royale HandCam

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  1. ofc he's from Antarctica cause he landed lucky lake

  2. Pls, don’t roast me for the bad quality

  3. Thank you for the cam u guys sound like my sister and me. R u in high school? And u sound like u are the U. S.

  4. never thought anyone can actually simply have handcam alr lol, nice job

  5. Ayo if you put up index fingers up your phone like that then they will bend just like my middle finger,when I was younger I used to play with my middle finger on top on my phone and my middle finger then bended.

  6. tell me if you guys want another hand cam next week and ill see if i can make it, #road to 100 subs

  7. Ur good if I see u in game ill just run because I suck ngl

  8. I started to watch your videos and I like them you are really good

  9. I play mobile so can you give me some tips

  10. i like how u and ur sister is arguing about chess

  11. Hey FlashNaruto can I have I 1v1? I’m on mobile too (iPad) my code is Vgrebel#7677

  12. my name is daniel too and i also do zr content and i love chess haha were so similar

  13. btw i subscribed because we bot were in a game and u told me to my name was uwu spirit even tho im not the real one 🙁

  14. Pleeeease how do I aim better in mobile I'm miserable please bro

  15. So good video! Also, can u check pls how I play in five fingers lol (I sub)

  16. in too late for the qna, congrats you earned a sub

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