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Zombs Royale | How To Destroy Teammers On Superpowers Mode

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  1. Dude irodj is my friend on zr u killed him and me

  2. As my friend would say

    That guy has Da skills

  3. Pls don't show me more my eyes are too much when I watch your video your king of zombs royale

  4. My friend say:Who is the best in Zombs royal.

  5. Hmm pretty weird how 5-6 players team that way LMAO

  6. When samaju grabs the second AK my reaction:Rip poor teamers

  7. Samaria I was in your squad yesterday I was GAlAlexIsAmerica we got second though :/

  8. Samaju you are the best AK player 👍🔥🔥

  9. My friend would still say he's better😂

  10. Hey samaju i think I killed you i was GGKILLERPRO
    You were the default skin

  11. Not hard in Superpower (cuz of the crystals) make it in squad 8 vs 1 xD

  12. Samaju i killed you with a shotgun

    Im a noob

    Itold ya

  13. Lol baxtrix at the start with the cactus bombs XD

  14. To think that one of the teamers was a VG member ….

    GG tho :] -KimJongTres

  15. I hate people that flick when they do sniper “trick shots” or when they have a shotgun and quickly spin. They’re really bad too sometimes.

  16. You just showed us a normal video, but you were beastly.

  17. Thanks Samaju for doing this seriously I play solo or superpower and teamers kill. So, here is karma for them.

  18. the discord link is invalid can you fix that

  19. Lol Greg aka baxtrix died in the house you dropped in to a cactus grenade

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