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Zombs Royale – How To Fix Lag (NEW METHOD)

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How to fix lag in Zombs Royale using a new method. The video explains all the solutions to the problem!

An overview of what is said:
1. Change Browser
2. Check region
3. Change Quality
4. Zoom In
5. Try playing on a different device

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  1. i did everything but it still is laggy

  2. just download zombs royale from discord and ull have no lag, i get like 200 fps in the program while in the browser the max i got was around 55 even tho the limit is 60

  3. how to recorve your zombs account
    i forgot password

  4. i know literally everything in this video before i watched

  5. so the reason that sometimes your game is laggy is because your on Chromebook?

  6. Some people saying just download zr from discord, but discord ended it parenership with games so unless u have the games downloaded u can't download them even if u were able to, it might not let u play.

  7. Noooo pls I subbed don’t delete my zr acct pls

  8. omg! thank you so much! it actually works!

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