Zombs royale, I died with all the best weapons 😭😭😭 - lorenzroxsoftware.com

Zombs royale, I died with all the best weapons 😭😭😭

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  1. besides everything about your gameplay you almost had him!

  2. bruh u only used the scope and why tf do u have to ars in ur loadout 😂

  3. as expected from mobile player, you kept spamming 1 weapon lol

  4. And hes to stupid to hart his comments

  5. Why did u carry all five if u were only actually using one? I would say always try to carry meds cuz it will save u … u never really need 5 guns? I always carry 2-3 guns

  6. You need to organize you're inventory… Having 5 or 6 mithic weapons won't help you if you are dum

  7. Noob lol your skin is only pro and u ar noob

  8. How do you expect not to die when your just spamming scoped m4

  9. u can’t use all ur slots, I suggest you use a:
    Throwable (ex. Impulse, trident, etc)

  10. Bruh no need so many mythical weapon you only need one ar and sniper lol 🤣😂

  11. Bro what are u doing.. that that’s not how you play on mobile

  12. And this, my friends, is who you call an idiot

    I'm just kidding the other guy just randomly shot into the building and got lucky

  13. I'm to moble player and my gameplay very well your gameplay is also good but be better

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