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Zombs Royale – I got the new Scoped M4!

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In this Video I got the new Scoped M4 in Zombs Royale its pretty OP because you get some extra view and it does 17 damage

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  1. Cool weapon and by the way Nice backpack!!🀣

  2. You upload every day lol i can't do that! Anyways Gg.

  3. OMG my sugestion did come true
    I was asking to Make A scoped AR πŸ˜€

  4. like the video play me please diegoproxlol#7530

  5. Can people sub to me I play Zombs and I did a video with the new M4

  6. It lags so much for me bro I hate it when it lags

  7. I tried the m4 gun and it was fast and dirty and did a lot of dsmage

  8. You suck at this game zombsgaming

  9. Honestly, i don't know why they even have the MG36 anymore (the airdrop machine gun). Its not as good as many other legendary and mythic guns and doesn't do as much damage.

  10. This new gun is πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ and so r u btw can u add me sometime

  11. I found it and it’s so op for mr it did 20 damage πŸ˜‚
    Btw I need to find out how did u get the square buttons on the joysticks and the emote bar like a snowflake?
    Pls tell me

  12. Wanna duo sometime… or maybe squad? I have a friend that’s prob as good as me… nice to see someone who’s actually good at the game besides us

  13. Pls accept my friend request mine was hapzdylan

  14. can we play sometime friend me ik u already have 250 friends but u can unfriend me after?

  15. What disgust of player, kill bits and celebrates, over playing on Android has bad aim.

  16. I am trying to get more subs
    Go to my channel
    I post daily
    70 wins

  17. You're growing so fast , Congrats bro πŸ˜‰

    I have 1 thing
    2 Say
    3 Words
    4 You..


  18. Bro the scoped and the ar with 6th bullet change just got me a win with 665 damage.
    I had these:
    A scoopes ar,The 6th ar bullet ( i dont remember it name but i got it in the end),a rubber gun and a dragunov
    I know you dont care but i sad it sooo good day

  19. Would anyone of you guys need a gun-for-hire like me. 541 solo wins 5 duo 10 squad. Anyways it is Doodledude2#2366

  20. Dude what phone are using? Also miniguns are annoying as heck πŸ˜‚

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