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Zombs Royale – Inventory Swap Challenge

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Thank you for the challenge suggestion, it was the number one liked on my post. Be sure to subscribe if you like to see more Zombs Royale challenges! I also found the new chemical grenade ;D

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  1. Doesn't count. You didn't switch inventory with the last perosn you killed

  2. Pls try me challenge only common guns fun😁

  3. [vg] chosen you is pro of zombs royale !!!!

  4. Chosen I got a challing for you

    What ever skin you get you have to use the gun

  5. He didn’t switch inventory with that last person, he failed, not completed.

    This was a joke.

  6. I dare you to win with one weapon one gadget one heal 😉

  7. Chosen remember I played with you user (VG) G0D -_-

  8. Hey chosen I subscribed and liked where's my cookie

  9. have you ever not won? and have you ever died?

  10. Are we going to mention chosen’s terrible taste in music?

  11. No picking up your old items
    Chosen: picks up old minis

  12. If you like ur inventory don't kill anyone lol.

  13. OK. The ultim8 challenge. No loot challenge. No meds. No nades. No guns.

  14. omg u dont keep thos mythicssss MMMMM

  15. A challenge:only pick up guns when there is 30/20/40 Comment which one you guys want

  16. Storm heal 20 match or 10 and win the game get a gun if u need one

  17. How bout do one where only drop crates and heals.

  18. so you had to switch your deck 11 times the first game

  19. Chosen should 1v1 either Samaju or UnlegendaryNoob. Or play duos or squads with him

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