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Zombs royale.io | Crazy Trolls

[J.K] Platoon
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  1. Guys just wanna thank y'all for 10 k views it's actually insane!

  2. Awesome my bro:) this was so much fun<33

  3. This is hilarious I laughed so hard at this!!! so funniest XDXDXD

  4. Bro im mobile player i dare u to 1v1 me on mobile on asian server lets see if u r bro

  5. awesome, definitely gonna try some of these trolling strategies!

  6. Hahaha nice content! You're so creative 🤣 I laughed so hard from 6:04
    Subbed you on my main 🙂

  7. These are some very creative camouflage spots. Good job!

  8. keep makeing zombs vids not much ppl play bring it back to yt

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