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zombs royale.io *NEW* Clan n’ zombs royale.io

Az Zombs
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Join our zombs royale.io clan

imagine joining*


  1. Pog might join it as a secondary
    If that’s aloud

  2. after lots of months of having az in your tag but not actually being in it you did it.

  3. I dont really lile clans, and I cant join anyway, but good luck

  4. Haven’t watch yo video in long time also can I join got better and also I’m pertectzergo I just lost my phone so I don’t remember my stuff on my old phond

  5. long time no talk took a break from yt cause of school and made a new discord cant wait till u hit 1k btw if u wanna know im pgboded @Az Zombs

  6. I wont to join pls I have no clan and im very good

  7. yoo if it's smaller clan ill join I'm good and I wanna help a smaller clan become better so if you wanna watch me I can send u my discord

  8. i will try out i am i predy go player i and i will play scrims but can you shout me out cuz i tryting to grind and what is your editor??

  9. How do i join

    i have 80 wins and 2,000 kills how do i join

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