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Zombs Royale is DEAD. . .

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In this video, I explain why ZOMBS ROYALE is DEAD.


  1. and btw there is atleast alot of ppl playing

  2. Ye, I wish there are new map, guns, and modes

  3. Hi I make thumbnails and logos if you ever need any let me know I can make 5 thumbnails for 3$ and I can make you a logo for only 3$

  4. Dude there is one whole map coming soon to zombsroyale if you have discord yang the creator of the game told there is a new map and he sent a blur picture of the map which he's working on and there is a 5v5 mode which is called ZombsForce he will release that someday when he finishes working on it, yeah zombs is dead for now but updates are coming soon

  5. game still dead i quitted it for 3 months

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