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Zombs Royale Leaked Weapon/Gun (AN-94)

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Footage of the Zombs Royale leaked gun called the AN-94.

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  1. I always watch your videos and some times i dont comment but i like it

  2. I've been subbed. The AN94 is POG. I think it would be a good replace for the AK47. Depends how it shoots and the damage.

  3. Release the gun please I beg you tell yang

  4. Everyone Gangata Until Famas Was Released In To Game

    After Releasing- wtf is gun man

    Same With AN-94 I Think So….

  5. plz give me battle pass
    i love ur vids and i dont have it

  6. the AN-94 is a beast of a gun, high accuracy burst, hopefully its as good in zombs as it is in other games!

  7. It does like 22 a hit but it shoots like 1 bullet every 2 seconds

  8. Yo wumpus love the leaks btw can you friend me on Zombs at jtr#7074

  9. Ive been subbed for a while. But the AN-94 looks like the ak was its idol and legit copied everything

  10. if this was a new gun it would prob be another ak or something

  11. I like the new guns cause they kinda look old

  12. If ur looking for Zombs royale leaks this is the place to come I know you'll reach 10k at the end of 2021 because it fan base is growing bigger

  13. rlly hope I can win the pass giveaway by some incredible luck 🙂

  14. at 1:03 they clapped that kid cuz he threw the trident
    lol he ran for his life

  15. I wonder the firing rate of the An 94 and the damage
    Thank you for the leak Wumpus!

  16. I cannot afford the battle pass I subbed and liked please bro

  17. i subed 😉 i see ur content nice nd cool nd ur giving agiveaway

  18. if u give me battlepass i will like every video u make

  19. How to join giveaway (my name is Tehlegend)

  20. Soon you will win a lot of with those guns men

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