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Zombs Royale | Level Up – Level 192!

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Star Party – Legends [NCS Release]
Glude – Dreamers [NCS Release]


  1. I’m level 382 it’s hard to try to get killed know what I mean I’m too good but at least I have 13,908 wins thouh

  2. Nice. I am only 138. Lol Zombsgaming said rip aim but hit a nice off screen sniper shot.

  3. Nice gameplay👌 your videos are always awesome

  4. Make sure you subscribe and leave a Like for more cool zombs videos

  5. Can you make video
    ZombsGaming vs Any pro who play in Europe server

  6. YOUR vids are the BEST
    YOUR snipes are the BEST
    YOU are the BEST

  7. Zombs gaming I have Minecraft on my phone I got it yesterday can you put me in your video

  8. you suck like for real leadbraw is way more better thank you he even said that you suck

  9. Did I just see this man leave two big pots in the White House……😑

  10. Would you collab with me and my friend for a video

  11. IIIIIIIIII Love you💓❤💕💞👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😘😍

  12. Do a vid where u play duos with I| leadbraw

  13. What phone do u use
    I have seen u grow so much in subs
    Been here since 2k

  14. Remember the old music he used to play every video

  15. watch Instinct VS Dragonic part 2 and listen what they said ;D

  16. Read all the sentences in order
    This is this cat
    This is is cat
    This is how cat
    This is to cat
    This is keep cat
    This is an cat
    This is idiot cat
    This is busy cat
    This is for cat
    This is thirty cat
    This is seconds cat
    Now go back and read the third word in each

    If you find it funny pls sub to me!
    I have a bet with a friend and need 50 Abos😞😞

  17. who wants to join my discord? go to my channel in the discussion!

  18. It hurts my brain when leaves so much sheild behind. Like if u agree

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