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Zombs Royale – MAKING NEW MAP!

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I made a new map zone in Zombs Royale.

Other map I made:

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  1. Make a game called wumpus royale lol

  2. Make a vid of how can I get the noobhammer and the daedalus wings plzzzzzzzz. BTW the map looks sick!

  3. If only this map was actually the map in zombs 🙁

  4. dont say u want it in zr😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Wait so u making all the new place

  6. It presents everything during zombs history, almost

  7. Alr publish it, we can do some serious solo scrimmage😅🔥🔥🔥

  8. This guy is a good youtuber
    He replies to most of the comments

  9. wow to many afro trolls imao i like it

  10. yo wumpus if you want to play add me here is my id fff#1320 im a pc player thank god lets play duos if you got discord great tell me if not no biiggge we can still play

  11. Is there like an app or a website where you can do this at?

  12. Can you please say to Yang, I want this map to be in zombs! Because it's better than all the other ones. And, great job

  13. Soo fire but y u pick Those houses they links Pp

  14. Hey wumpus I was really curious that is this map actually gonna be in the real game?

  15. Wht do u use to make it also do u need to download any files

  16. What video editor website did you use to edit the video?

  17. What app was that? And how long did that take?

  18. Hey, Thanks for made for us a new map!

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