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Zombs Royale meets Crawl (Dungeon Royale)

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  1. Backing into a spot when possible has been recommended by every safe driving course I have taken over the years. The idea is that you will be better able to see pedestrians and other cars when you go to leave.

  2. To end the parking debate all parking spots should just be 45 degrees spots instead of 90 and all troubles would be over.

  3. NL can you make more of this dungeon Royale videos?

  4. Backing in vs backing out, who gives a shit either way you're doing BOTH in one scenario unless you have the option to pull through the spot ahead of you. If you suck at backing up in general neither option will help you park more safely.

  5. About parking, backing in is better because your car might have issues and it is easier to push start that way.

  6. Why didn’t NL and friends play more crawl?

  7. They should make a game like this but Isaac combat.

  8. My daughter is 1.5 she just learned how to blow kisses and every time she hears eggs voice she blows him a kiss. I'll be cleaning my shotgun.

  9. I don't think NL loved this game. I don't know why, it's just a hunch.

  10. You are now officially my favorite YouTuber/streamer/gamer. Loving all of your content. I wish I was in the financial position to give ya some love but I’ll just resort to liking and commenting on your stuff that I have the time to watch when Im not working.

  11. the more i drive and the more people talk about driving, the stupider i think driving is. it’s a dog ass system that is unintuitive and has now been monetized to fuck so that one mistake you make when driving around a rigid metal death cage with wheels can cost you a fuckload of money for something relatively harmless

  12. Why hasn't there been a BR where dead players become monsters already?

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