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Zombs Royale – Melee 1v1 vs ZombsGaming

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ZombsGaming and [VG] Chosen finally have a duel.

We didn’t do a normal 1v1 because he is mobile and I am on a PC so it would be unfair.

GGs to him

Music credits:

– Kevin Macleod (incompetech.com)
– Geoxor – Shaii provided by ByeByeCopyright


  1. This is what you do when you play too much zombs.

  2. I also have a youtube channel (I am a pro zombsroyale "FRA | cbgamer")

  3. Samaju
    And zombs gaming are all legends

  4. leave a like if this is the fight you've been waiting for

  5. If I can not can u found me a lovely name to create a clan

  6. I'm friends with you on zombs I'm godlandghost

  7. bruh i almost killed your squad the other day i was playing i killed 2 of the squad then i clicked the wrong button i switched to my crossbow and you killed me lol i tried tho

  8. Hey Chosen,
    did you play this purple/ white cat skin today? Cause I think i killed you today…
    My ingame name was YT | KEK Niki

  9. lol i am in [VG] and plz can u play with me

  10. Happy u won. ZombsGaming is extremely toxic to me

  11. GG sweet, good plays, and good vids. ❤️❤️❤️love the ending 😂

  12. dude how is your mouse cursor in zombsroyale smaller??

  13. Samaju vs Chosen but u know u dont want hurt a doggy

  14. before i saw this video, i did this once when there were 2 ppl left.

  15. How exactly did you guys get in the same solo lobby?

  16. Honestly, Zombs Gaming isn’t even that GOOD like, Unlegendary noob, XD, and donut are way better than him

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