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Zombs Royale Montage #13 | Nightfall

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Looks like the blizzard turned everything dark…

Music: Koven – Never Have I Felt This [NCS Release]

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Thumbnail Artist: HmoushlyPlayz

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  1. dude like your videos and pls make more pls just saying you thumbnails are good and can u pls add me pls itameisdrael#5553

  2. I hope everything lightens up after this Nightfall (hint hint)

  3. sick montage jun i meant to ask u this earlier but i 4got so ill ask u now= what season did u start?

  4. I’m late so I’m sad but great edits great clis

  5. bro this is fire like every one of your other vids i hope you reach 2k in no time. (btw why were some of the first clips so blurry) 😊

  6. I'm on the videoooo yayayayayay im the clown holding mini gun

  7. lol my brother said I could never get good with scrolling and then I showed him this.

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