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Zombs Royale Montage #20 | Prime (LegendaryJun X Axel Collab) [8K Subs Special Edition]

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Thank you all so much for 8 THOUSAND subscribers! You guys are the best community anyone could ever wish for and I am very grateful for that. In order to celebrate 8K subs, I present to you the LegendaryJun X Axel collab…
Edited by: Axel

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Thumbnail Artist: Deadergi

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Thanks for Reading the Description, Have a Good Day! 😀


  1. Jun can you add the songs you use plz so I can download them

  2. Yooo congrats jun on 8k bro youve gotten 2k subs in 2 months i believe great job keep up the great work

  3. LegendaryJun Hit 8K One of the best growing Zombs Royale Youtuber🥳🥳🥳

  4. Ur growing so fast lol
    Keep up ur good work Jun

  5. TRASHHHHHHHHHHHH you gotta get frickin editors, go get urself a life or maybe edit ur own vids like snoob -_-

  6. Hi jun I wonder what is the song in the part of axel i dont find it…

  7. 8K subs already? dude, I haven't even reach 60 subs and u already reach 8K, bruh. ur insane

  8. WOW
    Axel's editing is fire!!🔥🔥
    and u r clips are absolutely insane!!!
    congrats on 8k my g!
    u r on fire🔥🔥

  9. the montage is very nice and congrats road to 10K and even more,but the song has a bit of words that are….. u know what i mean just wanted to say that kepp doing the good work

  10. Good job you two but most of Juns clips were pretty basic. This is just feedback so sorry if you don’t like this comment

  11. And yet again not edited by legendaryjun himself………..umm hope that wasn't offensive it was a joke kinda

  12. I have an idea regarding challenge- do duo with ramdomnooby with impulses only challenge……

  13. My guy not gonna lie this was in my recommended,soooo glad i watched the whole video, I hope you get bigger then you are now 💕im on the way to 100 subs can you help me out, Thanks man ❤️ <

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