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Zombs Royale Montage #9 | 5K Subscribers! | COLOR

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Hi guys! In this video, it is a zombs royale montage celebrating 5K subscribers! This took me a LONG time to edit and get the clips for, so it would be greatly appreciated if you liked the video, subscribe, and watch my other videos! Hope you enjoy watching the montage! Happy late merry christmas as well!

SHOUTOUT to MythicalNoobie for making the video’s thumbnail!
Go check out his Youtube channel he makes the best zombs royale thumbnails!
Youtube link:

Sorry for uploading the zombs royale.io montage soo late! I already surpassed 5.5K subscribers which is just insane!

0:00 – Montage
3:18 – Bloopers
4:02 – Outro

Put a lot of my time from my winter break to edit this montage so I hope you like watching it, thank you!

Thank you for 5K subscribers and all the recent growth I have been receiving! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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Music in this video 🎶:

Mountkid – No Lullaby


  1. woww
    This is probably your best montage and edit yet!!!!
    Very different and unique editing!!!
    Soo many new effects and edits!!!
    i absolutely loved the montage!!

    and hope u had a merry christmas!

  2. jeez, bro your zombsroyale montage softgrow affect master!

  3. Hi ramdonooby can u make a vid on how to change fps on zombs cz im always stuck on 60fps

  4. Montage name : colors
    Me : skins (weapon ones btw)

  5. this is frinking fire man this insane give a like to that vid 🙂

  6. Good clips, edits were scuffed af tho :/ but congrats on 5k

  7. Cool edits but you could have made them cleaner

  8. Great editing! lol, i was the 301th liker

  9. Should I sub to this channel put thumps up if you want I to sub or put thumps down if I should not sub LMAO

  10. When the guy said is it you at 2 minutes and 3 seconds this is my response I don’t know is it?

  11. I will tell everybody I know to sub to you good luck on 9k

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