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Zombs Royale Montage – Lovely | 1500 Subscriber Montage! 😱

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A zombs royale montage with a lot of editing because we reached 1.5k subscribers! I think it’s not bad lol
thank you everyone for helping me reach 1500 subs! let’s get to 2k next 😎
Billie Eilish & Khalid – Lovely (HOPEX Remix)
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  2. Oh my hecking god this is the best montage I've ever seen, even better than chris' montage with this song.

  3. amazing, i love it keep up the great work pat

  4. You did a great job on the montage!
    Congratulations on 1500

  5. Probably ur best yet! Keep up the insane work pat the pogboi

  6. we will make it to 2k guys let me hit 2k!!!!!!!!!

  7. This is insane! You have gotten better in ZombsRoyal and you have grown immensely in YouTube! Keep on going and never give up!

  8. awesome montage also what editro do u use? and…

    possible voice reveal at 2k??!! :0 😎

  9. we all love you pat ❤️
    your montage is so cool!
    Hope quikly 2k

  10. This is like one of those montages you watch 10 times

  11. This 𝘀𝗼𝗻𝗴 gets me so much!
    op montage pat!!

  12. sheeeeeeesh nice montage and good grads on your 15k sub am gonna sub right now hope that's helped a little? but goodgrads and I bet you can get 2k sub ez you a good player and that is all

  13. pat how r u able to use copyrighted music?

  14. I just found this congrats on 1.5k and this was a great montage. 2k is coming

  15. pat if you fight with sn noob sape who wins?

  16. Can you pls edit some of my vids, how do I send them to you if you agree

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