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Zombs Royale – My 1000th Win

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  1. bro you eliminated me in one game recently it was pretty epic

  2. How do you get it to not lag? I play fortnite on my phone and that doesn’t lag but Zombs does

  3. I have played over 500 rounds and I have like a bit over 30 ;(

  4. I'm here happy with my 5th win….

  5. great job dude
    ps: i'm adarsh(ur buddy in class)

  6. Hey I think I added you on there my name on there is Camden

  7. Wow i only have 6000

    In my dreams

    Jk i only have 564

  8. Age you are good you are mega good that you have even earned a Like and abo honestly

  9. im tried of winning solos can anyone be my friend and play duos r squads. pleassssssse

  10. Kinda sad that someone put so many hours in to this game

  11. I thought this video would end more epicly

  12. I love this game and I have played it since it was released!!!

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