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Zombs Royale – My Sniper Skills!

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In This Video I make a lots of sniper trickshots enjoy


  1. ok ok
    ive literaly been playing this game since realease and i realized ur better than the average players i que with

  2. Thr nine dislikes are from the haters you MURKED.

  3. When i watched this vid, its 2019, i kinda wanna know when have u been playing thia

  4. O god your load-out and you did not pick up grenades in them days I didn't either 😂

  5. Its wierd to see how much the game has evolved since then. Now everyones jesus at the game but me

  6. I love pros and you are a pro like me and my cousin

  7. The title is my sniper kills but he walks past a sniper

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