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Zombs Royale | Mystery Mode 23 Kills

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  1. Me: samaju can u make a vid on how to be as good as u

    Samaju: just be good


  2. Samaju pls can we play 1v1 because I like uuuu and I wanna play 1v1 with my idol pls: (

  3. Heart this if u will never do a face reveal 👀

  4. I lové samaju and video me fan big in Samaju M'y id is : VGSamaju#2195 i fan samaju

  5. Samaju truth or dare reach out to me once I choose ok btw been watching ur vids for so long

  6. kinda got a bit cocky at the end there didn't you

  7. RIP I been playing for soo long and am sitll bad I look at your vids then I get 10 kills win ezzzzzz

  8. Samaju i have a chalenge for u: I dont know if u got this chalenge but you have to play with granads/grenadas idk the name. GoodLuck

  9. Imagine not having Enough money to get the new battle pass

  10. We always love your videos even I had stop playing this game since two Mount or so.

  11. I ius made a vid about no gun challacge check it iut

  12. Plz can u teach me som tricks samaju? I’ve been playing for a year and I’m still super bad ☹️

  13. (눈‸눈)watching other boring vids ಠಿヮಠwatching this vid

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  15. how you kill 23 players and how you get like thet skin ilike your skin bye

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