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Zombs Royale | Mystery Mode RPG 18 Kills

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  1. Im sorry i killed you yesterday or the day before yesterday

  2. GG sensei :v , that should be a 20 kill game ;c

  3. Pros not letting you gret the kills , swaggin 😂

  4. Does anyone else know about two mythic rpg's being in a chest in mystery mode? Just me? Ok:/

  5. You wrecked me a few days ago but i did some damage gg samaju.

  6. If those 2 players didn't kill themselves, Samaju would have got a 20 kill game

  7. In weapons race i killed you ikilled my friends ear crying

  8. You age the beast player of Zombs Royale of the World

  9. Good job man I got 15 kills with rocket ;>

  10. Omg i got To the same sguad with you my game name is playerAza174

  11. Samaju you playied with me in single mode my nick is [VG] $TONK$-_-

  12. Saludos samaju el más pro krac

  13. Wow.. you rocket leads and dodging skills are crazy!

  14. haha it took what like 9 tries and u still fail thats unlucky bro a hard trickshot tho

  15. This video is very cool samaju can you do new video samaju with only snipers becouse sniper is my favourite thing in the zombs

  16. You are the best
    I am a big fan
    Can you learn us how to play like you
    Love your videos

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