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Zombs Royale | Mystery Mode Snipers 20 Kills

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-Feint – Lift


  1. this was exactly like a great movie, lots of suspense, but the hero wins out in the end, perfect music, great round!

  2. Samaju I'm play with u!??!? I'm Heaven Hurricane
    (Idk fake or real)

  3. Er ist in einem Spiel sehr rassistisch und beleidigt Götter. Er ist sehr beleidigend

  4. What is that uaiaiuai song called pls comment

  5. can someone plz carrie me
    Add me Faze mike#6110

  6. Super hard challenge:
    Win by only facing one direction
    Exmp: if you land pointing to the right, you have to point right the entire game.

  7. My record is 18 and a half😂

    PS! I love Samaju.

  8. Hey Samaju no offence but you were playing so bad in this vid 🙁

  9. Good one. My highest in snipers is only 16. 🙁

  10. Wow the begging part low ho rekt all the players

  11. i got a little nervous around 1:42 but then i realized that he is the best in the world so i did not get nervous again

  12. Old days…

    İNow this game is so bad im season 4 or 5( ı don't remember) player

  13. Type name mopy in zombs royale game and send me friendship message ok

  14. Mystery is too op i 2 x bows and a mythic bolt action sniper

  15. If you kill Samaju your a hacker

  16. Samaju can you do a battle between chosen and you

  17. Ayo samaju, like your videos very much and im a big fan!

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