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Zombs Royale | Mythics *ONLY* Challenge

ItzJosh55 ZR
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  1. Can I have a shoutout, I'm second. Also great job uploading frequently. Hope u become a big youtube like sn noob

  2. One clip challenge where u can only use one clip of the gun and than u take it out

  3. Its illegal to be this early but bro cool video ❤

  4. Thanks for like actually playing this dead game and making content for it🫂

  5. Airdrop only ?? nothing else but from airdrop!!

  6. Try staying only on the path for a challenge and im a big fan and have 175 subs recording zr and i would like to 1v1 u for a vid or just dous

  7. I appreciate the effort, you are highly underrated

  8. sick video. some challenges to consider: snipers only,grenades only, can only walk on path, cant kill all game can only storm heal. love the videos man keep it up!!

  9. Challenge idea: NUMBERS for your keybinds!

  10. Video idea: Zombs Royale but you each time you get a kill you unlock a item slot

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