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Zombs Royale – New Season 10 Battle Pass + 24 kill game!

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Season 10 of Zombs Royale is here! Make sure to subscribe and like the video if you enjoy this gameplay and showcase! 😉

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just big hills – Shinjuku
Itro & Kontinuum – Alive [NCS Release]


  1. season 10 is insane + Love the video. LIKE LIKE LIKE

  2. I think it is trash I like the other seasons I buy all the pass but this one is 🗑

  3. also i think you should do a gray gun only challage

  4. Nice Vid 🙂 ANd congratulation for 5.000 Subs 🙂
    Oh and… can u push my Channel xD

  5. My name is dubbed_ the_goat I’m the same skin as you

  6. i dont know i think the Skins are not te best but ist a cool Season. best vids bro

  7. Intresting video. May I suggest Constuction Paper?

  8. Woah, this guy is better than fiddly pants

  9. Just killed you!!! So happy love ur vids so much! Keep up the good work! 😃😃❤️❤️😘

  10. Can you make a video in which you only use small/medium /big /shotgun ammo weapons? ❤ ur vids btw

  11. Hay man I am scrimping againest VG we are NG we are going to get varieties by ZCC all’s we hav to do is scrim 3 teams

  12. they did good this season but the theme copys season 2

    ps how can people be so good and get solo squad wins like lolololololol

  13. Hey Do u think that u can play with me here is my name and number RUGRTSGIO#8848

  14. Chosen thank you for the tip (0:06) also i told my friends to subscribe to your vids

  15. im new to the chanel and i aready like it

  16. Love your Videos! can u play with me at SharpShoother#4509 plzzzzzzz.O yeah btw the battle pass is all right its just not worth buying it.

  17. also can u do a challenge with pistols only in solo squad!!!!!!

  18. Oh well hello their Chosen Im Kindandcaringemma If u remember my community server

  19. Hey Chosen, I had an idea for a Zombs challenge. I call it the Sent From the Sky challenge, or the Jesus challenge. You can only get stuff from airdrops, or the Trident. Ur kinda screwed if you get 2 X-Bows though lol. I haven't tried it yet, but it seems fun. I came up with it btw. I'm sending this to Samaju and Zombsgaming as well, so maybe you can have some competition. Thanks!

  20. oh my gosh you are so fucking pro in zombs chosen

  21. i cant buy the battle pass ever, i have to play games to get my gems and coins 🙁 im not even at 50 gems yet and never had a battle pass so i barely have mythic things,

    my mythic stuff: 2 outfits, 2 parachutes, 1 backpack, and 3 melee skins atm

  22. That is amazing in the basic pas have knives thats soo cool!

  23. The reason I’m watching this is because I MISSED season 10 LOL

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