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Zombs Royale – NEW Season 11 Battle Pass

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The theme of the new battle pass is egyptian and there is also a new chest for 100 gems. I won’t be buying it but the free pass looks good.
Let me know what you think in the comments.

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  1. Pls tell me what your obs settings are pls im a poor youtuber

  2. chosen I always watch your videos but I never have the courage to comment, I always wanted to ask you if we could sometimes play together 😃 if you may be interested in id AN0niMusDalex / code # 8910 thx brother👋

  3. Yo chosen i think I killed you in Zombs Royale Protect the VIP you were VIP.I think I killed you.If I did my username was Live Drift

  4. Yo everyone I’m doing a pink Afro party at blossom burbs! queue at 2:00 ET on the Asia server
    Rules: no killing, no swearing and no weren’t other skins.
    (It’s on the Asia severs because it’s easier to get in the same match)

  5. Ich im right with this you plz add me, you are girl right i God because sou Make so nice Videos PaOlOkIlLeR#9106 I❤you

  6. i was intrested in your clan i was wondering can i tryout pls

  7. Can we duo sometime? I'm that kid on discord who knows you like twenty one pilots

  8. Pls check my channel out and support it maybe sub Zombs content

  9. can you do one weapon only challenge? not one slot!

  10. Great job on vid. Top 5 at least

    Would you add me xD

    If so it’s TheHotKid#2411

    I would love to play with you

  11. Hi chosen is there a way I can join the vg clan. Cause some people are fake and I just want to ask you because you are real.I will do anything to join

  12. Just wanned to say GG, we killed each other alot last nigth

  13. Hi chosen, what screen rrcorder do u use in ur videos, quality is realy good

  14. Yo I kill d you today leshgooo u were rocking noob my names (Brazzy13(EST) I’m a big fan

  15. Are you a girl?😱
    Sorry if you think this is a stupid question😇

  16. New smg and new pistol dude you must record a video

  17. Question: How did you make your icon for YT?

  18. Are you eliminated by DARK NINJA

  19. Hey Chosen!
    I'm a Zombs-YouTuber too and i work so hard for my videos but only have 76 subs😢😢 Could you support me anyway or do you think that this is not possible?😯😯

    Thx for your answer I love your videos!❤

  20. Hey chosen you killed me in mystery mode and can we play duos my name is faZechichi#6074 btw i use your advice and i now win a lot

  21. chosen it is me the jester skin u talked with on 26th Sep 2019 will u plz accept the request i sent
    plz accept it is DANTDM156#2072
    i might have said that i subscribed before but when u told me too i immediatly did i am very sry but i used to watch every vid of ours but i usually never subscribe to anyone
    plz accept the request i beg u i am very big fan plzplzplzplzplzplz
    i will bw waiting for ur accepting of my request ^-^take care bye ^-^ hope u will XD

  22. Some times you make me feel like you have aimbot xD

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