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Zombs Royale | NEW Season 12 Battle Pass And Retro Chest

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– lensko savagon
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  1. NEW CREATERCODE:SamajuGames

    ….. Best creatercode… Hehe

  2. Roses are red voilets are blue samaju is the best and we know it too

  3. All these people who write first😔……

    They don't know that Samaju is the first….

    Kappa I am first 😜😅

  4. The new location is probably going to be an arcade zone

  5. GG Dude nice I prefer Battle pass nice video

  6. I like the season 12 battle pass but i hope they do add a new location and love your vids

  7. samaju i love and i really wanna play with you i have no wins. please your a god

  8. samaju you are such a god, i see you as my idol

  9. Like new season. Liked vid. 😍luv u Samaju😍

  10. Who else thinks that Samaju's a God at ZR. Definitely me

  11. I have the same skin so people think I'm samaju xD 😂

  12. Can I play with you pls I like you video

  13. omg i know u i was in ur server. i had asked u for duos but u said no :c

  14. can you teach me ;(
    i get bullied at school fo being bad 🙁
    pls i dont wanna get hit or abused anymore 🙁

  15. Can I play with you? I only have 169 wins😢

  16. @samajugames i swear ask IMDUBLIN im not lying i broke the world rec kills while streaming he was watching my stream and then he saw it that i broke the world rec 46 kills i forgot to clip it cuz i paniced but i have a screenshot of it

  17. Gg I killed you next to loot lake! In mystery mode snipers actullay we double killed each other lol

  18. I'm so mad, it's all retro, 8-bit stuff that is AWESOME and now my 2nd or 3rd fav pass, 2 and 4 were my others, and i'm grounded, this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dumbbbbbbbbbbbb

  19. hey samaju can u tel me what that skin is called it look so good please tell me the name of it. nice backbling btw that look good too

  20. what are tricks to be good in that game

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