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Zombs Royale | New Season 13! Battle Pass And Haunted Chest

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  1. Stop killing me damn my guy my name is bigdaddy

  2. I'm so poor so I'm just going to wait until the 25 gem chests come 🙂

  3. Duuuuude I want to haunted fox so hard😡But I have like 5% chances of getting that even if I buy some chests😤Couldn't they just put it in the shop😧

  4. Why does samaju always have little health every time at the begining and survives legend right there

  5. Vg samaju joined my server omg he killed me my name is Seanx_- he killed me and he lost it was cool to see him

  6. I wish I could play like you samaju

  7. Good job in every video I watch you seem to beet my kill record video of 19 kills-GG

  8. My favorite skin is the Retro Slacker from last season!!

  9. add me in zombs royale i am EMILIO 10 PRO and code 5911

  10. Never told us you got a 20 bomb in the title..
    Oh wait we are so used to it😂

  11. Try doing a scrim in solos with a whole lot of other YT members I will say this is their chats too.

  12. I’ve been subscribed for many time and I wonder if you could answer a question
    Where are you from?

  13. i didnt even know u were a YT we've killed eachother so many times btw my username is TG | SLATT

  14. Also Love ur videos keep up the Good Work!!

  15. SamajuGames: XD 300 likes and I'll open 3 haunted chests

    God: O sheeeeeeee…….

  16. People: Was hard to kill that guy
    Samaju : | pew | Another one?

  17. how do you disable the door animations?

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