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Zombs Royale | NEW SEASON 16 Battle Pass & Chest!

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  1. I love samaju samaju is just op and nice ❤️

  2. I saw u in superpower yesterday I asked u to leave but I don't think u did

  3. Can u heart my comment and do a first gun challenge

  4. Why is ur Game so smooth? I have a RTX 2060 S and a Ryzen 7 2700x and there are sometimes Frame Drops. Apex run without legs Fortnite without legs Swbf2 without legs, R6 without legs, ZR with legs why WTF. How can Endgame Fail xD !?

  5. How much out of 10 is it for you? For me a solid 7.5 out of 10

  6. Samaju You Killed me 3 times I was the guy with the 200 subs

  7. I bet Samaju has killed so many people faking his name and been proud that that many people want to be as good as him.

  8. You just killed me my name was Player and u was using a medkit by the storm

  9. Samaju I think you killed me a couple days ago. My name was Prince valg if you remember

  10. Hola yo jugaba mejor que tu sin ofender antes pero ahora me aparecio esto en recomendación y me encanto este juego

  11. This music got me feeling sad. Happy mostly but sad about the past. Weird topic but this was such a 2016 song, summer nights, warm in your bed, playing the newest game on your pc, listening to this, pumped about what your doing tomorrow with your friends. I’m very depressed.

  12. Season is so bad (btw I quit zombsroyal and I'm playing robox lolz)

  13. How many friend requests do you have right now?

  14. Does anyone have an old account they don't use anymore that has a battlepass? My parents wont let me spend the 4 dollars to buy one and it would mean the world to me if I could have one. Thanks!

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