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Zombs Royale | NEW SEASON 21 Battle Pass & Chest!

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– Anna Yvette – Red Line [NCS Release]
– Krbread sergius magic


  1. Can someone donate me gems plz. I only have 4 skins and it would make my life if I could have gems. 🙂

  2. en tu proximo video rorfavor pon esta musica everyzhing ncs
    esta muy chula pruebala

  3. What app do you use to edit your video I’m trying to be as good as u

  4. I m your big gan you is mega pro Player gud luck

  5. I’ve always liked your Vida and I sub to you you a legend iconic 😍😍god

  6. Can you do a voice reveal if we get on how much subs you want??

  7. Unleggendary Noob has the same amount of subs as you, Samaju but there is only a 10k difference

  8. I've never been this early! I heard "samaju" hearts comments?
    ….Is that true?

  9. Every one is leaving zombs
    And then I see this absolute 🐐🐐

  10. hola samaju yo soy de colombia
    y yo no hablo ingles solo un poco
    pero tienes un gran talento en este juego
    que te vaya bien buen dia

  11. This season very cool, i must buy battle pass 😉

  12. What tier is everyone at me at humpty dumpty

  13. Hey you stole my ney video lol but its but at least watch it btw go join his discord servers 10 of 10

  14. I watch this school thx samaju new video. Your videos are invigorating❤️

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