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Zombs Royale NEW WEAPON: The Trident!

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Zombs Royale has finally released a new Update! A new weapon and map location.
Better than Thors Hammer???


  1. I tried to get it but all the pros were on it 😂😭

  2. I think it’s useful at long range because if it’s in its splash range they still take damage I think because that what happens to me

  3. Trident is insane and need to be nerfed immediately lmao. Pulling people through walls? 105 dmg? This is crazy cool but also needs a crazy nerf imo. Great vid as always dude✌

  4. Imagine using this but you were close enough to be sucked in and then you use a shotgun to destroy ur opponents!

  5. Hey chosen could we play together? I got a yt and I'm trying to get better


  7. Chosen with Trident vs Divine with Hammer 🔥🤩😂

  8. When the trident pulls in enemies and does damage thats called chip damage

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